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I’m a new age Renaissance Artist, with a passion to paint the world with evolutionary vocal changecasters that educate, motivate and inspire positive change. Are you ready to tell your story? Your own life experiences give you a unique perspective which can open minds and hearts around the globe.

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Let the Journey Begin

Embarking on a journey of sharing your voice and message involves three essential phases. Throughout this journey, it’s essential to remain committed to your mission, stay authentic, and continue to evolve and grow along the way.


The first phase requires a vibrational shift within yourself, where you must elevate your frequency and align with your soul’s purpose. 


This next phase involves a growth mindset and learning the tools necessary to effectively communicate your message to the world.


 Finally, in the third phase, you’ll focus on promoting your message and building a loyal audience that resonates with your vision. 

Which Phase of the Journey Are You Ready For?

Uncover your ideal starting point on your journey, whether it’s generating ideas, navigating the process, or amplifying your promotions, as you embark on your path to success.


The Ultimate Podcast Launch: A Comprehensive and Done-For-You Solution

This transformative program is designed to help you unleash the full potential of your podcasting vision through personalized 1-on-1 coaching with a comprehensive done-for-you approach. Podcasting is more than just learning technical skills – it’s about unlocking your full potential as a podcaster. My personalized coaching approach is designed to help you overcome fears, build confidence, and gain clarity in delivering your podcast message. I’ll help you tap into your unique voice and develop your own authentic style. From crafting captivating episodes to professional editing, graphics and audiograms for social media promotion, our team will handle all the intricate details of launching your podcast.

Love Notes

“Speaking as someone who knows Jody and has worked with her first hand, jump at this offer people! Jody and her FMG Studio, over deliver! Jody has helped me, make my dreams, a reality!”

Tina Jo Stephens


A Yearlong Immersive Experience in Crafting, Launching, and Nurturing Your Podcast

Your ultimate one-stop-shop for bringing your podcasting vision to life. This comprehensive program provides a holistic and immersive experience that covers all aspects of podcasting, from concept development to launch, promotion, and production. With expert guidance, personalized feedback, and a supportive community of fellow podcasters, Podcast Mastery equips you with the tools and knowledge to confidently create and promote your podcast. From refining your content to professional recording, social media promotion and vocal and interview techniques, Podcast Mastery streamlines the entire podcasting process, empowering you to produce a high-quality podcast. 


I'm Jody

Throughout my entire existence, I’ve been a soulful dreamer. My upbringing was imbued with the teachings of Metaphysics, thanks to my visionary parents. They instilled in me the unwavering belief that whatever I could envision in my mind’s eye, I had the power to manifest in reality. This profound conviction has accompanied me into adulthood, serving as a guiding star as I’ve crafted the world I inhabit today.

While my journey has not always been without its challenges, my unwavering belief in the power of my dreams has remained my steadfast companion, providing me with guidance as I’ve navigated the complexities of life, serving as a beacon of hope that has kept me steadfast on my path.

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Upcoming Podcast Retreat

This retreat is designed to help you find your voice, perfect your message, and learn to record your own podcast while surrounded by the natural beauty of the incredible island of Kauai, Hawaii.

With gorgeous accommodations, which includes your own bedroom with a private, ensuite bathroom, the ambiance of the house evokes the essence of old Hawaii, embodying a sense of serene tranquility and peacefulness. From the sound of the waves lapping against the shore to the scent of tropical flowers on the breeze, every aspect of this experience is connected to the natural world.


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